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"Ara Pace" – Beyond The Steel

The History Behind the Orland Park Veterans Memorial
 The ARA PACIS or ARA PACE was an altar of peace, erected just before the birth of Christ, by order of the Roman Senate. This altar of peace was created and built to celebrate the drawing of the Pax Romana, an era of unprecedented world peace.

It marked the completion and unification of the Roman nation. It was also during this age of humanism and pragmatism, Greek thought and Judeo-Christian ethics were fused to create the foundation of modern Western Society.

Thus, the ARA PACIS (ARA PACE) can be considered symbolic of not merely the Roman heritage, but of the Western heritage as well.

Now with the genius of world renowned artist and sculptor, Virginio Ferrari, and the support of many other Americans, we are able to have a similar structure in the Village of Orland Park that will be a “place of peace” symbolizing the rich heritage enjoyed by all because of the commitment and dedication of so many men and women who have proudly served this great country we call America.

It is in memory of their sacrifices that we dedicate this Veterans Memorial on this 11th day of November, 1995.

~ The Orland Park Veterans Commission

Orland Park Veterans Memorial - Ara PaceOrland Park Veterans Memorial WallOrland Park Veterans Memorial - Ara PaceOrland Park Veterans Memorial Wall

Orland Park Veterans Memorial - Ara Pace

Orland Park Veterans Memorial - Ara Pace

Orland Park Veterans Memorial - Ara Pace

About the Sculptor
Virginio Ferrari, SculptorVirginio Ferrari, Sculptor, Ara Pace – Place of Peace

In his sculptural proposal for the Veterans Memorial for the Village of Orland Park, sculptor Virginio Ferrari stated that what he wished to express with this sculpture is the “endless potential of creative forces continued within the simplicity of the circular form.”

He calls “Ara Pace” a “memorial pavilion, a cathedral, encompassing the circle of endless memory of those who have died for our country supported by conflict and sacrifice in the tension of the supporting elements of the base.”

Sculptor Ferrari also summed up his proposal citing what he believes this environmental sculpture represents; a meeting point, a meditation point, a spiritual point, a gathering point, a unique elegant quiet place to meet, a child-friendly design, a place where older can mingle with the young, an ennobling addition to Orland Park and an important work of art by a world renowned sculptor.

The stainless steel sculpture will stand 15 feet high and rest on a base approximately 40 feet by 40 feet, with an inside base of 15 feet by 15 feet. In addition, a 12 foot long wall of granite will be erected alongside the sculpture. This granite monument will display engraved names of veterans, living and deceased, from all across the country who served in all branches and all wars.

It is also believed that his memorial will be the first of its kind in the state of Illinois and possibly in the United States, to honor all six branches of the armed services; Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard and now the newly Veterans Administration recognized Merchant Marines.

World renowned sculptor Ferrari has also designed several sculptures that are erected in the City of Chicago, Florida, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and in his native country Italy.