Street Maintenance Jurisdiction Guide

Roads Maintained by Other Agencies
Not all the roads you travel on through our city are maintained by the Village of Orland Park. Many main roads are maintained by other agencies.

The listing below indicates the roadway and the jurisdictional agency:

Street Name Street Segment Jurisdiction
80th Ave. 151st St. to 159th St. Cook County
82nd Ave. 135th St. to 151st St. Cook County
86th Ave. From 135th St. north Palos Township
88th Ave. North of Beverly Lane Palos Township
88th Ave. 159th St. to 163rd St. Orland Hills
92nd Ct. 143rd St. to 145th St. Orland Township
94th Ave. 151st St. to Orland Square Dr. & All Mall Exits Orland Square
94th Ave. South of 159th St. Cook County
104th Ave. South of 159th Street to 179th Street Cook County
108th Ave. North of Doyle Courtto 139th St. Orland Township
108th Ave. South of 143rd St. to 179th St. Cook County
109th Ave. 153rd St. to 151st St. Orland Township
110th Ave. North of Countryside Subdivision Orland Township
110th Ct. 172nd to 175th Orland Township
131st St. West of LaGrange Rd. Cook County
131st St. East of Southwest Highway State of Illinois
135th St.   Cook County
139th St. From 11800 west to Will-Cook Rd. Orland Township
143rd St. West of LaGrange Rd. State of Illinois
144th Place West of 92nd Courtand East to Brentwood Orland Township
151st St. Between 80th Ave. and 82nd Ave. Cook County
151st St. Wolf Rd. to Will-Cook Rd. Cook County
153rd St. West of West Ave. Cook County
159th St. (Rt 6 / Rt7)   State of Illinois
167th St. West of 94th Ave. Cook County
167th St. 94th Ave. to 88th Ave. Orland Hills
167th St. 86th Ave. east Tinley Park
179th St. 94th Ave. to Southwest Hwy Cook County
Avenel Drive South of 161st Street Association
Crown Drive  


Crystal Creek Drive East of Orlan Brook Drive Association
Harlem Ave.   State of Illinois
Juanita Dr. East of 118th Ave. Orland Township
Koch Court West of 97th Ave. Association
Kris Trail West of LaGrange Rd. Association
La Grange Rd. (Rt 45)   State of Illinois
Southwest Hwy. (Rt 6 / Rt 7)   State of Illinois
Wedgewood Glen Drive North of 143rd St. Association
Will Cook Rd. (North of 159th)   Cook County
Wolf Rd. 131st St. to 143rd St. Cook County
Wolf Rd. 143rd St. to 183rd St. State of Illinois

Subdivisions & Jurisdictions
Subdivision Name Jurisdiction
Alpine Heights Orland Township
Crystal Tree Subdivision Association
DeLugach Woods Orland Township
Indian Rock Trail Orland Township
Pinewood Subdivision(s) Orland Township
Silver Lake Dells Orland Township
Southmoor Subdivision Association

Telephone Reference State Cook County Township

Street Maintenance





The Village of Orland Park is not responsible for private roadways maintained by associations. Contact your homeowner's association.

The Village of Orland Park is not responsible for stop signs or street signs at the intersections of village streets with the above mentioned streets. In such cases, please notify the proper authority.

Damage on State Roads
If you have damage to a vehicle on state roads due to pavement problems (i.e.. potholes, damaged curbs etc.) contact IDOT Claims Deptartment at 847-705-4061.

Additional Resources
The links below are to the main web pages of the agency for roadways not maintained by the village.