Request Police Report

Requesting a copy of a Crash Report:

If you were involved in a traffic crash and a Traffic Crash Report was written by the Orland Park Police Department, the officer should have given you a business card at the time the report was taken, which will indicate the case report number and crash date. You will need this information to obtain a copy of the crash report.

There are two ways to obtain/purchase a copy of a Crash Report written by the Orland Park Police Department. You can request a copy of the report by going on-line to or request it directly from the police department.

On-line you will be able to download and print the report immediately after paying the required fee.
A person may obtain a copy of a Traffic Crash Report directly from the Police Department by completing a Non-FOIA Records Request Form and pay the required fee.  The copy of the Crash Report will be available within 3 – 5 business days after the request is received. 

Requesting a copy of a Police Report:

A person may obtain a copy of a police report by completing and submitting a Freedom of Information Act Request Form at the Police Department and pay the required fee.

Complete a FOIA request.