Bike Safety Program

Bicycle Registration Program: 
The Orland Park Police Department has implemented a program to assist in the recovery of lost or stolen bicycles to their rightful owner. Bicycle theft is a crime that causes a financial loss as well as the inconvenience within our communities. When a bicycle is recovered by our Department, every effort is made to locate its owner and the Bicycle Registration Program has been successful in that effort. 

Identification of Your Bicycle: 
Manufacturers mark bicycles with a serial number. If you do not have a manufacturer serial number on your bicycle, engrave an identifying number on the bicycle frame. You may also want to engrave the same number on the wheels and other parts of the bicycle. 

Complete a Bicycle Registration Form. This information is entered into a database which allows the Orland Park Police Department to track ownership of the bicycle. 

Completed registration forms can be dropped off at the Orland Park Police Department 15100 S. Ravinia Avenue - 24 hours a day, seven days per week. A unique serialized Bicycle Registration difficult-to-remove decal will be given to you to place on the bicycle. 

The Orland Park Police Department is an advocate of registering your bicycle with the National Bike Registry. We check the database of the National Bike Registry when a bicycle is found in our jurisdiction. 

Orland Park has ten adjoining police jurisdictions that a bicycle may end up with and many more that do not touch our borders. All communities are capable of checking this one database. Many times, bikes are recovered and no owners are located. Most bikes recovered are then sold at auction per State statute. 

Protect yourself – Wear approved bicycle safety helmets, use proper lights and reflectors and follow all road safety rules.