Required Permit
Owners wishing to install an alarm will need to obtain an Electrical Permit from the Development Services Department. The fee for an alarm permit is $75. All alarm permits must be reviewed and approved by our Electrical Inspector. Alarm installation contractors are licensed by the State of Illinois and do not require a Village license.

Required Inspections
Final inspection of the alarm system by the Village of Orland Park Electrical Inspector is required. Please submit an inspection request. Requests are not taken over the phone.

After installation, alarm systems need to be registered with the Orland Park Police Department.

Download the Application for Burglar, Hold-up or Emergency Alarm System Authorization.

Orland Park Police Department
15100 S. Ravinia Ave.
Orland Park, IL 60462

Police officers responding to an alarm at your business or residence can save you from being the victim of a theft or an assault. Over 90% of emergency alarms to which law enforcement officers respond to are unfortunately false alarms.

In an effort to make better use of existing law enforcement resources and provide a more effective response to alarm calls, the Village of Orland Park revised its existing alarm systems ordinance.

A false alarm is defined as the activation of an alarm system caused by improper operation, negligence of the owner or lessee or his employee or agent or equipment malfunction, and for which there is no evidence of criminal activity to justify the response.

The alarm ordinance still requires that all alarm systems are registered with the village. New alarm registration fees are currently $25.00.

The ordinance also requires that you fill out a new alarm registration form which can be found on the village web site for all homes or businesses and send this to the police department. This form provides the police department with more information to assist when responding to your home or business.

There is no fee for this.

The ordinance also requires that the information on home alarms be updated every five years 2015, 2020, 2025 etc., and all business alarms every other year beginning 2013, 2015, 2017 etc. There is no charge for this renewal.

We hope these enhancements will increase our efficiency and to allow us to better serve and protect our residents, businesses and visitors to Orland Park.