Village of Orland Park Ratifies Police Supervisors' Contract

Village of Orland Park Ratifies Police Supervisors' Contract
Posted on 09/25/2012

The Village of Orland Park has reached an agreement with the Orland Park Police Supervisors' Association. The OPPSA is the labor union that represents 15 sworn police supervisory staff within the Orland Park Police Department. The new contract will be in effect beginning May 1, 2011 and ending April 30, 2015.

The contract calls for an increase in wages of 8.5% over the four year agreement with a retroactive 1% increase for May 1, 2011 to April 30, 2012. The three subsequent years will each bring a 2.5% increase.

"We're pleased to have reached an agreement with the Police Supervisors' Association," said Orland Park Mayor Dan McLaughlin. "Both sides worked very hard to reach a compromise that benefits everyone," the mayor said.

The supervisors' union agreed that future retirees will contribute toward their cost of an individual HMO plan, commensurate to what is paid by employees at the date of retirement. Current retirees from this union pay nothing for individual HMO health benefits upon retirement.

The union agreed to participate in the village's employee health benefit strategy that shifts toward consumerism and away from high cost, high utilization PPO programs. The village has, with a majority of its employees, increased employees' cost sharing for participation in conventional PPO health plans, with more attractive alternatives offered in consumer-driven plans or managed care plans.

Employees are also required to participate in annual wellness and health risk assessment screenings in order to qualify for the best insurance rates.

"Changing our health benefit strategy is a village-wide objective," stated Village Manager Paul Grimes. "By aligning health benefits with the wellness and personal savings objectives of our employees, we can better control the cost trends in healthcare. This provides for a more sustainable benefit program, healthier employees, and better value for our taxpayers."

"We certainly appreciate the progressive view of our police supervisors," added Trustee Carole Griffin-Ruzich, Chairman of the Village Public Safety Committee. "When presented with the challenge of balancing overall compensation, including benefits, they stepped up and met it."