Village Crews Continue to Respond to Snow Storm

Village Crews Continue to Respond to Snow Storm
Posted on 01/02/2014

Severe Wind Chills Expected for January 2

ORLAND PARK, IL – Village of Orland Park snow fighting crews have been responding to the snow storm affecting the entire Chicagoland area. The Public Works Department’s initial crews began plowing and salting the village’s main thoroughfares the afternoon of New Year’s Eve, working until the early morning hours.

“The village always plows and salts the main streets first,” said Infrastructure Maintenance Director John Ingram. “We want to be sure the main roadways are cleared as soon as possible and then our crews get to work on the side streets and cul-de-sacs,” he said. Private contractors are used for many of the village’s smaller streets and cul-de-sacs.

The second team of village plows hit the streets Wednesday afternoon and plowed well into the evening as snow continued to fall. By Wednesday evening, nearly five inches of snow had fallen in Orland Park with an additional three to six inches expected on Thursday.

Temperatures are expected to drop to 19 degrees on Thursday with wind chills dropping to -5 and possibly as low as -16. Snow could be heavy at times on Thursday with an 80% chance of precipitation and an expected additional accumulation of three to five inches.

“We are watching the radar closely so we know what's coming to Orland Park,” Ingram said. “We have crews working all areas of the village as the snow continues to fall,” he said.

Village ordinance prohibits parking on village streets once two inches of snow have fallen. Parked vehicles must be kept off the street for 10 hours after it snows giving plows time to clear all streets.

“Parked cars are the plow drivers’ biggest hindrance,” Ingram said. “Maneuvering around parked cars is dangerous and it prevents a street from being completely plowed.”

When clearing snow from their driveways, residents are reminded to not push snow into the street and instead moving it to the lawn or parkway.

“When snow is shoveled into the street, it becomes packed with the traffic driving over it, making it very hazardous for vehicles traveling that street,” Ingram said. “Shoveled snow should be moved to the lawn and never into the street,” he said.

Residents are reminded to know where fire hydrants are located on their streets, shoveling them out from the street and clearing the snow from around them.

“When firefighters respond to a fire, they have to find and access the hydrant as fast as possible,” Ingram said, “Having them cleared and visible saves valuable time.”

“We appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation with large snow events like this,” Ingram said. “Our crews are doing their best to make the village’s streets safe and accessible as we anticipate more snow coming with severe temperatures over the next few days,” he said, adding, “We ask that people take their time when driving and be careful.”

Residents are encouraged to check on elderly and disabled neighbors, making sure they’re okay during this severe weather.

Motorists may report icy conditions or areas of concern to the Public Works Department by calling 708/403-6350.