Residents Call 403-6350 To Answer PW's Water Survey Questions

Residents Call 403-6350 To Answer PW's Water Survey Questions
Posted on 08/27/2013

The summer edition of the Village of Orland Park residential newsletter, the Orland Park Public, includes a residential water survey required by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. The newsletter was delivered in the August 22 edition of the Orland Park Prairie Newspaper, is available at all village buildings and can be found online at

The survey, issued by the village’s Public Works Department, asks residents to answer whether or not they have private wells, fire sprinkler systems, lawn irrigation systems, back flow prevention devices or vacuum breaker devices on their properties.

Residents may call in their responses; however, the phone number listed for the Public Works Department is incorrect. The correct phone number for the department is 708/403-6350.

“We’re hoping the different ways to respond make it convenient for residents to participate in the survey,” said Public Information Officer Joe La Margo. “We apologize for an incorrect number being listed and do regret the error,” he said.

Residents may also mail the survey post card to Public Works, can respond via email at, drop off responses at the Village Hall or the village’s Sportsplex or fax responses to 708/403-8798.