Orland Park Railroad Crossings Designated Quiet Zones

Orland Park Railroad Crossings Designated Quiet Zones
Posted on 07/05/2011

Railroad crossings in the Village of Orland Park are now designated quiet zones with passing trains no longer allowed to sound their horns when passing through. Engineers will, however, sound horns if they feel a danger is ahead.

"Responding to residents' concerns, the village worked with the railroad to make the necessary safety improvements to allow for the quiet zones," said Orland Park Mayor Dan McLaughlin.

Signs have been posted at railroad crossings in the village reading "Train horns not sounded." Affected at-grade crossings in Orland Park include 135th Street, 143rd Street, West Avenue, 153rd Street, 159th Street, 108th Avenue, 167th Street, Wolf Road and 179th Street. The Village of Palos Park funded the improvements at its crossing at 86th Avenue in Palos Township.

"The village works closely with the railroad because of the number of crossings in town and to ensure everyone's safety," said Trustee Ed Schussler, chair of the village's Public Works Committee. "It is imperative that all motorists pay close attention whenever approaching a railroad crossing," he added.

"Drivers and pedestrians must always use caution and make a point to look both ways when approaching every rail crossing even if it has protective flashers and drop gates," said Orland Park Public Works Director Ed Wilmes.