Orland Historical Society Seeks New Members

Orland Historical Society Seeks New Members
Posted on 02/11/2015

The Orland Historical Society is looking for new members and volunteers to serve on its board of directors. The society was formed in 1976 during the country's bi-centennial year.

“We’re helping the historical society get back on its feet and are looking for people who want to help preserve Orland Park’s very rich history,” said Orland Park Mayor Dan McLaughlin, an avid historian.

An informational meeting will be held Thursday, February 26 at 7 p.m. at Orland Park’s Old Village Hall, 14413 South Beacon Avenue.

“Everyone who enjoys history and wants to be a part of some local preservation efforts is invited to join us,” McLaughlin said.

“The Village of Orland Park’s history dates back to its incorporation in 1892 with Orland Township going back to 1850. That’s 165 years of history right here. We need people to come together to help preserve our town’s history for the generations to come,” the mayor said.

Attendees wanting to join the society can for $5. For more information, call McLaughlin’s office at 708/403-6399.