Heat Advisory Message From Mayor Dan McLaughlin

Heat Advisory Message From Mayor Dan McLaughlin
Posted on 06/27/2012


This summer is proving to be especially hot with little rain. With the extreme heat conditions predicted for tomorrow and the coming days, the village is sharing a few reminders.

Take it easy and drink lots of water. Please check on your neighbors, especially those who are older or who may need assistance.

The village's primary cooling center is the Police Station located at 151st Street and Ravinia. The Police Station is available for anyone who may need a place to keep cool.

Please keep in mind that these heat conditions place a lot of stress on our utilities. Scheduling your use of household appliances during overnight or evening hours relieves the demand during peak hours.

Residents who irrigate their lawns are encouraged to skip a sprinkling cycle or two during these high demand times.

Everyone doing their part will enable the village's reservoir to recharge, keeping plenty of water available for its most important purposes.

We appreciate your cooperation.