COMMUNITY ALERT: ExxonMobil Overseeing Project in Mokena

COMMUNITY ALERT: ExxonMobil Overseeing Project in Mokena
Posted on 04/29/2013

The Village of Orland Park is making its southwestern area residents aware that Exxon Mobil will be overseeing the Mokena AST 2895 Out of Service 653 Inspection and Mokena Piping Project at their Mokena Station located at 109061 West 183rd Street. The project work is expected to begin approximately April 28 and is scheduled to last seven weeks.

The tank at this station will be drained, isolated, degassed, cleaned and thoroughly inspected. Several valves will also be replaced along with the removal of dead leg/no flow piping. The tank will be filled and returned to service upon successful repairs and inspection. This routine procedure is required every 20 years.

The air quality will be monitored 24 hours a day due to a possible increase in odors from the facility. Vapor destruction units will be used to minimize the impact of potential odors.

Residents may call 9-1-1 for emergency medical service if they believe health issues are arising because of the odors.

Noise making equipment including generators and vacuum trucks will operate during work in the facility. Equipment will be strategically placed to provide barriers and distance to minimize the impact of increased noise inside the facility to the public.

"We will make every effort possible to minimize any impact to neighbors who live in this area and surrounding community," stated Dan Ragan, Field Level Supervisor of Exxon Mobil Pipeline Company. "Throughout this project, the safety of our neighbors, employees and contractors is our highest priority," he added.

Questions concerning this project may be directed to ExxonMobil at 779/435-9596.