Coronavirus Update from the Village of Orland Park

Coronavirus Update from the Village of Orland Park
Posted on 03/24/2020

Coronavirus Update from the Village of Orland Park

March 23, 2020 Update



 ORLAND PARK, IL (March 23, 2020) - The Village’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak is ever-evolving as new information becomes available and situations arise.

As we head into the first full week of the Governor’s Stay-at-Home order, things may look a bit different around the Village, but rest assured that ALL ESSENTIAL VILLAGE SERVICES are fully functioning and as a community, The Village Orland Park is extremely prepared for this and any situation that may come our way.



The Orland Park Police Department and Orland Fire Protection District value the safety and security of our community above all else. Officers are actively patrolling area neighborhoods and businesses while responding to calls as police services have not been affected and the department is operating as usual.

The Orland Park Police Department and Orland Park Fire Protection District have recently taken steps to ensure the health and safety of public safety personnel as well as those they encounter. Public safety personnel have been issued personal protective equipment which they will utilize when responding to calls from now to the end of the Governor’s “Stay at Home” order on April 7th. If you see public safety personnel wearing gloves and masks, please know it is for the safety of all involved. As always, we are here to serve and protect the Orland Park community.



We have been lucky enough to have a responsive community that has heeded the warning to stay home if not feeling well. As a result, cases of coronavirus in town have been minimal. There have only been two diagnosed cases in Orland Park as of today. Testing is ongoing and while the trend nationally leads

us to believe we will see more in the upcoming weeks, we are urging those who are at high risk to self- quarantine at home.


Mayor Keith Pekau participated in a call hosted by the City of Chicago during the evening of March 22. During this call, he was informed of 490 cases in Chicago and four deaths as a result of the virus.

Statewide, there were 1,049 with nine deaths. Cases of COVID-19 exist in 30 of Illinois’ 102 counties and 184 of 195 countries worldwide. COVID-19 cases have been identified in every state in the country.

Currently, the number of cases is on an upward trajectory which is expected to continue for at least a couple of weeks. There are a few reasons for this: More testing will identify those not previously identified; the virus is spreading; Cases from today will not be known about for at least a week.


From the existing cases, we are seeing the same type of data that has been seen worldwide. Approximately 2% are children, 73% are 18 to 59 and 25% are age 60+. The overwhelming majority of ICU cases and deaths are in the 60+ age group. On the bright side, 78% of cases don’t result in a single night in the hospital.



The Orland Park Village Board held a special meeting on Saturday, March 21 to s to put into place temporary measures to assist residents and businesses as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

To assist those that may fall behind in payments to the Village, the Village Board approved a resolution to authorize staff to incorporate debt relief measures.

In an effort to support local businesses that work in conjunction with the Village, the Village Board approved temporary measures that will expedite payment to Village vendors.




It is a sad reality that some people will use this opportunity to prey on others by attempting to steal their identity. Please remember to NEVER give out personal information over the phone/online. It is an unfortunate reality, but in today’s digital world, we have to work together more than ever to prevent identity fraud. It seems there is always a new scam out there where criminals are seeking to steal your identity or get their hands on your banking information. Identity scammers will come up with creative ways to go about getting your personal information. Be aware that professional institutions will never ask for your account number, credit card numbers, PIN or social security number by phone or email.

Trust your instincts. If something feels wrong, it probably is.



Many local businesses are open and offering their services. Please remember to support Orland Park businesses that depend on our patronage to continue serving the community.

A Facebook page has been established by the Orland Park and Tinley Park Area Chambers of Commerce with restaurant and delivery options available during the COVID-19 outbreak. Visit the Orland Park & Tinley Park Area Take-Out and Delivery Options Amid COVID-19 group on Facebook to find menus, restaurant specials and to advertise your own restaurant during this time.



While our facilities are closed for the safety of the community, please take advantage of the Village’s many parks, walking and biking trails. The playgrounds and dog park are closed for the safety of all, but the grounds are open for play and leisure.



Many residents and business owners have reached out to the Village to offer their services. Please check on friends, family and elderly neighbors to see if help is needed. PLOWS Council on Aging is seeking volunteers to assist in caring for the area’s elderly population. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Christine Suddreth at



The Village of Orland Park has created a webpage at Here residents can find the latest updates from the Village and the Centers for Disease Control regarding COVID-19 as well as resources for businesses to utilize as they deal with the effects of the outbreak. All online Village resources are active and requests are being attended to. Please call the Village’s main line at (708)403- 6100 with questions pertaining to Village services.


For specific questions regarding COVID-19, please call the Illinois Department of Public Health hotline at (800)889-3931 or email



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