Village Manager's Office

The Village of Orland Park operates under the council-manager form of government, which combines the strong political leadership of elected officials in the form of a governing body with the strong managerial experience of an appointed local government manager. The manager is hired to serve the board and the community and to bring to the local government the benefits of training and experience in administering local government projects and programs on behalf of the governing body.

Areas of Focus 
Following the policy direction of the Orland Park Board of Trustees, the Village Manager is focusing on the following village issues:

Strategic Plan
  • Fiscal stewardship, Planning and Stability
    • Develop a long-term financial plan to maintain the Village’s strong fiscal position
      • Explore, and analyze additional/possible revenue sources
    • Implement the outcomes of the Village’s long-term financial analysis/financial plan

  • Economic Development
    • Refine and enhance the Village’s marketing program to attract and retain businesses
    • Create Village-wide economic development plans and strategies to attract commercial and retail
      development across the community
      • Work to decrease vacancies in all sections and areas of commercial activity
      • Promote economic diversification in our local economy
      • Promote diverse development along the I-80 corridor
      • Explore opportunities to develop/re-develop Harlem Ave.
    • Identify a qualified developer for the Triangle development project
    • Create strategies to attract and retain substantial development or redevelopment in the downtown
    • Provide the Village Board with an objective analysis of concepts and ideas related to
      redeveloping/enhancing the mall
    • Implementation and completion of the Main street Triangle development project
    • Implement the Villages economic development plans and strategies
      • Establish a diversified economy (i.e., balance between corporate, medical, STEM, technology,
        entertainment, dining, and retail industries)
      • Attract Tax A businesses and higher-end employment options
      • Attract substantial business development on the 1-80 corridor
      • Continue to work with IDOT on the feasibility and Develop Wolf Rd./I-80 interchange
    • Develop a stabilization strategy for legacy shopping centers and stores
    • Continue to identify strategies to attract day-time employment options and businesses to the Village
      to support the community’s retail and dinning industries
  • Adaptation, Innovation Technology and Effectiveness
    • Develop a ‘smart-city’ initiative to increase internal and external technology use in the community
    • Enhance and expand the use of the use of social media use Village-wide
      • Identify changes and trends to stay on the cutting edge of community and constituent/resident
        communication platforms and techniques

  • Organizational Development and Service Delivery
    • Continue to take steps to review and streamline services and service delivery approaches
      • Continue to undertake process improvement analyses across departments and units
      • Identify automation or technology enhanced opportunities for Village service delivery
    • Continue to implement the Village’s recently adopted branding strategy
    • Develop an internal communication plan for employees as part of staffing and service delivery
      considerations, studies or changes
    • Provide the Village Board with an objective analysis on staffing levels and potential organizational
      refinement or changes
    • Identify strategies to flatten the Village’s operational cost curve
      • Explore outsourcing options and diverse service delivery models
      • Explore findings and possible gains from process improvement assessments
      • Encourage and enhance brainstorming, innovation and emerging trends
    • Analyze and implement strategies to revise the Village’s overall approach to workforce planning and
      • Examine the design of the existing compensation structure
      • Identify, assess and consider new approaches to workforce attraction, maintenance and
    • Develop an organizational risk management plan to address staffing and technology needs
      • Identify gaps and solutions
      • Identify a proactive approach towards workforce planning, succession planning and future
        staffing levels
    • Explore possible consolidation of related responsibilities and facilities between the various Village’s
    • Implement identified strategies to streamline Village services and processes
      • Implement automation strategies for the Village’s internal and external services
      • Implement identified process improvements
  • Infrastructure Maintenance and Improvements
    • Evaluate and refine the Village’s Capital Improvement Program
      • Examine life cycle needs Village-wide (i.e., facilities, playgrounds, streets, sidewalks etc.)
      • Identify Capital Improvement Program revenue sources
    • Work to accelerate infrastructure improvements and repairs
      • Examine approaches and alternatives to balance the funding of projects with implementation
    • Work with IDOT to complete the widening of 143rd Street to Will-Cook Road
    • Develop and implement a Comprehensive Park Improvement Plan to identify and complete Village-wide
      park improvements (i.e., equipment, facilities, etc.)
    • Continue to work with Metra to improve Metra service levels and frequency to the Village, and, work
      to promote the creation and implementation of an express train
  • Quality of life
    • Analyze and enhance community special events
      • Align community events with community preferences
      • Identify new revenue sources for funding (i.e., sponsorship's)
    • Work to enhance community engagement
      • Develop strategies to engage with, attract and retain all demographics
    • Implement the Village’s overall marketing and branding plan to attract diverse residents, visitors,
      developers, investors, etc. to the community
      • Elevate the Village’s brand and awareness as quality community as a residential choice and
        business opportunities for commercial enterprises
    • Identify a cross-section of new or refined recreational opportunities and programs for diverse
      segments of our population
    • Develop and implement enhanced safety measures for public buildings
    • Explore establishing a Village internal bus service program to improve connectivity and promote
      Village-wide attractions

To accomplish these policy directives, staff will follow four guiding principles: 
  • Customer Service: Providing the optimum in municipal services for those who choose Orland Park as the ideal place in which to live and raise a family
  • Finance / Budgeting: Maintaining and building on Orland Park's strong reputation for conservative budgeting and prudent use of taxpayer dollars
  • Progressive Management: Bringing progressive, market-based approaches to the delivery of public services, where possible, and working in partnership with the private sector in finding solution to public sector challenges
  • Transparency: Maintaining the village's strong reputation as a leader in local government transparency in the State of Illinois

Code of Ethics
Adopted in 1924, the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) Code of Ethics defined the principles that today serve as the foundation for the local government management profession and set the standard for excellence. Leadership in a management structure committed to equity, transparency, integrity, stewardship of public resources, political neutrality, and respect for the rights and responsibility of elected officials and residents strengthens democratic local governance. ICMA members pledge to uphold these principles in their conduct and decisions in order to merit the trust of the public, elected officials, and staff they serve. As a condition of membership, ICMA members agree to submit to a peer-to-peer review under established enforcement procedures should there be an allegation of unethical conduct. The Village Manager and Assistant Village Manager are ICMA members.