Joint Effort Encourages Car Buyers To "Buy Local"

Joint Effort Encourages Car Buyers To "Buy Local"
Posted on 06/10/2010

The Villages of Orland Park and Tinley Park are on a mission of public education. The two municipalities have joined forces to let new vehicle buyers know that regardless of where they buy their vehicles, they pay their home county sales tax rate.

"There is a misconception that if you go to another county to buy a new vehicle, you'll save on the sales tax," said Orland Park Mayor Dan McLaughlin. "This isn't true because new vehicle buyers from Cook County pay the sales tax for their address of record," the mayor explained.

Stressing the hometown advantage, the villages have developed a "buy local" brochure that is now available at municipal buildings and at the car dealerships in both towns. The mayors' message reads, "Traveling outside of your hometown doesn't save you money because you're still paying the county tax for your home address of record. Driving to another county or municipality costs time, gas and money."

"It's important for our residents to know that purchasing a car in their hometown benefits them in many more ways than just getting a great car at a great price," said Tinley Park Mayor Ed Zabrocki. "Their tax dollars are returned to them in the form of important community services that they depend on every day for a high quality of life," Zabrocki noted.

Automobile dealers are an important economic generator and employer for both Orland Park and Tinley Park, having a direct effect on local property taxes, sales tax revenue and employing local residents.

Car dealerships generate more than $5.6 million in total annual property tax revenue with more than $3.8 million property tax revenue going to local school districts. Dealers generate more than $6 million in annual sales tax revenue and more than $350,000 in annual charitable contributions.

The twenty car dealers within Orland Park and Tinley Park employ more than 1200 area residents and make an annual economic impact of $154 million to the area.

"Orland Park first promoted its many car dealers on 159th Street a number of years ago," McLaughlin said. "With the current state of the economy, we want people to know that they're helping themselves by shopping within their hometowns," he added. Sales tax revenue pays for daily municipal services, including police, street repairs, recreation programs, parks, bike paths, village events, snow plowing and more.

"We're happy to be a part of the program," said Dan McMillan, chief financial officer for Joe Rizza Ford/Porsche of Orland Park. "When people buy new vehicles in their hometowns, they're helping their own communities, both from a sales tax perspective and because the people who work at the dealerships are their friends and neighbors," McMillan added. "We all appreciate what Orland Park and Tinley Park are doing to make people more aware," he said.

Orland Park and Tinley Park are home to twenty car dealerships, offering "an auto show every day."

Dealers within the two towns include Apple Chevrolet, Bettenhausen Dodge, Bettenhausen Chrysler and Jeep, BMW of Orland Park, Community Pontiac GMC, Community Honda, Family Hyundai, International Autos Group, Infiniti, Lexus of Orland Park, Mercedes Benz of Orland Park, Orland Park Nissan, Orland Toyota/Scion, Joe Rizza Acura, Joe Rizza Ford/Porsche/Kia, Rizza Cadillac/Buick/Hummer, Terry's Lincoln Mercury and Orland Volkswagen.

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