Village of Orland Park 2017 Annual Report

There are so many reasons to be proud of Orland Park, its residents, businesses, clubs and organizations. We offer our best wishes for a happy and healthy new year.  We hope that everyone was able to see the beautiful holiday lights around town. We had a great response from the community and visitors alike.  The holiday décor and lights certainly added to the festive holiday season in Orland Park. The Village Board worked closely with staff to reduce Orland Park’s operating budget by approximately 1.2 million dollars. We’ve had to tighten our belts for a number of reasons, among them a decrease in previously received state funding and because of an anticipated decrease in other revenues. We are committed to maintaining fiscal accountability and will continue implementing efficiencies to make the most of our hard-earned tax dollars.  The village has seen a number of accomplishments in 2017. After initial discussions with the Village Board in the fall of 2016, the village began to consider selling its interest in 9750 on the Park back to the developer. In March of 2017, Flaherty & Collins, the developers of 9750 on the Park, approached the village with a formal take-out offer for the luxury apartment complex at 143rd Street and LaGrange Road.  The Village Board unanimously voted to accept the take out offer of $50.5 million, as well as project related revenues collected, which will result in the village fully recouping its investment three years earlier than projected and will realize a net gain of approximately $6.8 million, including the tax increment generated. The Village of Orland Park joined cities across the country inviting Amazon to locate its second North American headquarters within the village. And, while we didn’t make it to the final rounds, Orland Park’s bid has made state and regional officials, as well as other economic development opportunities aware of all that the village offers. We commend the village staff for their hard work to make Orland Park’s presentation a reality. The village’s newly revamped Economic Development Advisory Board has been hard at work and was involved with the Amazon bid as well. The volunteer commissioners come with a great collection of backgrounds, and visited local businesses, worked with state agencies and continue to help Orland Park with its economic development and marketing efforts. There’s a lot happening at Orland Square. Simon Properties, owners of Orland Square, made a number of improvements to the mall. A $30 to $40 million investment is being made to the Sears location, a new STEAM- themed (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) play area was unveiled, new restaurants are being added, new lighting has been installed, and the Pace bus stop relocated.  Look for more exciting announcements about Orland Square in the near future. The mall continues to be a strong economic driver and we are committed to maximizing its potential. All the best for 2018! YEAR IN REVIEW by the Village of Orland Park Board of Trustees | 1